This is the third edition of the barrels whiskey expo, its bigger, better and more whiskies
The Barrels whiskey expo is a celebration of whiskey, African music, food, art and fashion brought to you
in the form of a festival and open boutique market. It features the best whiskies from the country's
greatest distilleries, focusing on each exhibitor's premium whiskey.
This is an expo for connoisseurs and enthusiasts to experience the finest drums in a friendly relaxed
atmosphere. There will be range of unprecedented collection of ultra-premium whiskies. It will also
provide an avenue for other brands in the food and beverage industry to showcase and teach whiskey
enthusiasts the art of food matching whiskey and an eclectic variety of food.
Guests and exhibitors can relax and take their time to chat and interact in a more meaningful way as
they enjoy great music not to mention the fine foods (biting)


From 12:00pm on Saturday 14th September to 11:55pm Saturday 14th September 2019

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