The 3rd edition of the 'Rugged Warrior Race' takes place on Saturday, November 16th at Ngong Forest Sanctuary.

This final edition will feature 5K, 10K and for the first time 21K! 

Medals will be awarded to the first 100 participants and certificates to all participants. 

Brew Bistro Craft Beer Garden - After the run and activities, enjoy the beers, food and beer games courtesy of brew bistro to include ;
- beer pong
- beer chess
- keg lifting etc 

Trophies and medals will be awarded to:
- the best individual man and woman
- the best team of 5
- the best team of 10
- the best gym
- the most colorful team (best dressed)
- the most active team
- best team effort

Join up with a group of 5 people, 10 people or more and take on other teams at the 'Rugged Warrior Race' this November! 

The course accommodates the very fit to those who are just starting out in fitness and utilises your fitness, ingenuity and "funness". 

There will be a mixture of man-made and natural obstacles that participants will go through towards the finish line. You will climb, jump, crawl, pull, push and run as you complete the obstacles. Teams and team work is highly encouraged, but you can join in as an individual. 

Those who do not want to take part in the competition can enjoy the race as spectators and take part in the other festival games. 

SAFETY : All obstacles  will be under 3 metres to provide the same level of fun and challenge without the risk.


10am- Registration & warm-up
1030am - morning wave - all 21K must be in this wave
11am - midday wave 
1pm - afternoon wave
3pm - Award Ceremony & After Party

Ngong Forest Sanctuary is located next to the Commonwealth War Graves, accessed through the road next to the cemetery entry.  Watch out for the location map on the page and comment sections.


- Minimum age to register is 10 years old
- Race will take place in groups of 10 /20 released every 10minutes
- Team members must all run within the same wave
- Participants must go through all the obstacles for their scores to be ranked
- A team can have from 5 to 20 persons.
- Teams time taken will be averaged to get the winning team. 
- Participants must wear reasonable sporting gear. Branded t-shirts of your company, brand or gym are allowed.
- Follow the marshalls instructions and tape and chalk markings plus directional signs

Have mud fun!


Other fitness activities you can take part in include;
Weight-Lifting Games
Mud Volleyball
Mud Football


Brew Bistro will setup a craft beer park, gaming and kiddies play zone will be setup for spectators and will feature DJ music and fun games until late afternoon. There will also be seating and tent cover for spectators with good view of the track action.

Round up a group of friends and save the date!

Available on
Dial : *229*34#

EARLY-BIRD Tickets (until 25th Oct)
Adult Competitors- 
- Individual Adult - 1,000/=
- Team of 5 - 4,000/=
- Team of 10 - 7500/=
- Team of 20 - 14000/=

Student Competitors (with school ID)
- Students - 500/=
- Individual Adult - 1,000/=
- Team of 5 - 2000/=
- Team of 10 - 4000/=
- Team of 20 - 6500/=

ADVANCE Tickets (until 15th Nov)
- Individual Adult - 1,500/=
- Team of 5 - 6000/=
- Team of 10 - 11,000/=
- Team of 20 - 21,000/=

Student Competitors (with school ID)
Individual Student - 700/=
Team of 5 - 2800/=
Team of 10 - 5,200/=
Team of 20 - 9,000/=

GATE Tickets (on 16th Nov)
individual - 2000/=
Team of 5 - 8000/=
Team of 10 - 15,000/=

*Tickets are for the race and all activities.

- Adults - 300
- Kids - 100
- Adults 500
- Kids 200

E-mail :
Tel : 0 718 568 794


Adrenalin in Motion
Pioneering New Event Experiences
+254 725 041 008
+254 774 257 135


From 9:00am on Saturday 23rd November to 6:00pm Saturday 23rd November 2019

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