Black Food Festival Project is Coming to Nairobi in cooperation with Pamellah Oduor‘s Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals Community and Mombasa Farmers' And Artisans' Market.

The Black Food Festival of Nairobi is concentrating on a new, modern way of cooking, and a healthy way of eating. The ‘black’ theme separates it from commonly accepted food colours. Black has a unique meaning in the food sector – it’s new, it’s strange, and it’s different from other known types of food. It is a niche of the food market. And the coloured foods, the naturally coloured fruits and vegetables, are not just decorative materials; most of them have positive health effects as well. The Black Food Festival is a newcomer into the world of food and the cooking industry. Black, purple, brown and dark blue meals are very new everywhere, all around the world.

New York, Berlin, Helsinki, Tel-Aviv, Istanbul and Budapest loved to see the new direction of food at previous successful Black Food Fesivall events. We want to hail the small artisan kitchens (food handcrafters of Kenya)  as the foundation of Kenyans’ daily meals as well as handcrafted artisanal products such as jewelry, accessoriess. We want to boost this new colour to the improving Kenyan food sector through its flagship, the Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals group, and through its inventor Pamellah Oduor.


From 11:00am on Sunday 20th October to 6:00pm Sunday 20th October 2019

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