The Marketing Awards is the largest awards program in Kenya dedicated to honouring brands and teams that have shown exemplary excellence in marketing. The Awards are judged by a jury academy featuring seasoned members of the marketing fraternity.

The awards have grown in leaps and bounds over the last two decades attracting thousands of entries in different categories from marketers across the country. 

This year MSK aims to have brands sharing their stories by connecting all its/their dots. Stories are memorable, and if we connect the dots to a story then we are able to have brands that consumers fall in love with and are loyal to.
The dots we refer to areas below but not limited to;
 The brand history,
 The brand journey,
 The brand value proposition,
 The brand key differentiator,
 The brand vision,
 The brand values,
 The brand purpose and will to do good,
 The brand core target individual.

Brands that connect the dots easily connect with the heart(s) and mind(s) of the consumer(s).   

 The 2019  Gala Awards' keynote speaker will be Safaricom's, Chief Customer Officer.  

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From 6:00pm on Friday 8th November to 12:00am Saturday 9th November 2019

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