Mila na Desturi Zetu  is an event that's capturing the Spirit of Africa more so highlighting that of Kenya.

It shows the richness of Culture through art in various tribes and languages.

It's a perfect preservation of who we are encapsulated from Generation to generation and well-preserved through expression of art by artifacts, drawing dances or any involvement of Musical instrumentation or vocalization of the same

We are highlighting the beauty of diversity in one country we are encouraging and inspiring the community both locally and internationally to embrace the indigenous art and not forget the backbone in the history of the human cradle and  passing that energy of positive inspiration from one tribe to another to the entire country and to the world.

 This event is no less than exceptional as  it is highlighting the traditional merging with the modern to create a Kenyan voice that is beautiful to be experienced in raw format and to be put on diaries as a date to be enjoyed by family and community at large.

Join us and know more about the culture and Heritage of our beautiful country Kenya


From 5:30pm on Saturday 28th May to 11:00pm Saturday 28th May 2022

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